Most binderies have a very complicated and confusing pricing schedule; we have a simple flat rate based on whether or not we do the copying. We offer a flat price that includes everything except logos – if we do the copying, $49.95 includes your choice of color, all spine copy, all rules needed, and personalization. If you supply the copies, the all-inclusive price is $55.95 per volume. We do not have a minimum order.

DFAB books, when we copy, are $39.95, all inclusive; $45.95 when copies are supplied.

3-Ring binders, when we copy, are $29.95 and are available in 2”, 3” and 4” sizes and include all spine copy, rules and personalization. Binders only (no copying) are $34.95.

Additional costs

For a unique look or for that special client, here are a few things that can significantly enhance the look of the book:

a one-time charge of $75.00 to create the cut. The cut is reusable on future jobs; a $20 set-up fee per logo per job and $3.00 per book stamping.

Legal panels
$20.00 per volume

when only the best will do, we offer real leather binding, available in smooth or pebble grain, black, maroon, navy blue and forest green – $20.00 per volume


Copying costs are dependent on the total number of copies we make – the more copies we make, the lower the price. Our copying prices never exceed $.079 cents per page and can go as low as $.05 cents per page. We would be pleased to give you an exact quote.


is dependent on the final configuration of files on the CD. Some clients want a master file with bookmarks, some want individual tabs linked to the Table of Contents, and some want both. Scanning typically runs $0.19 cents per page to $0.25 cents per page. We would be pleased to give you an exact quote.