Binding is a hand process; pages are glued and over sewn, spines are hand rounded-and-backed and headbands applied, boards individually cut and covered and the body cased-in. This produces the highest quality book that will withstand years of use and is aesthetically most pleasing.

We use the finest Grade F Buckram, available in 20 colors and stamped with gold or silver foil.

Where price is of paramount concern, we offer a mechanically-bound book, (DFAB or double-fan, adhesive bound), which is as durable and attractive as a case bound book but is not over sewn.

We also offer 3-ring binders. When documents need to be easily accessible for copying, or the master is not bound and you want something more than a Redwell or Velo binding, the 3-ring binder provides the perfect solution.

Available in 2”, 3” and 4” sizes, they look like a bound volume on the shelf, include all spine copy and personalization and are available in your choice of buckram colors and foil.

In addition, we offer Velo and GBC binding for those projects that are most price sensitive.

Bound volume styles